You can’t do away with gravity!

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Ok, let’s discuss this gravity thing.  I understand that the standard model of gravity does NOT work!  How can gravity be strong enough to hold billions of gallons of water tightly to the surface of a spinning, speeding bullet in a vacuum but doesn’t pull the moon directly down on top of us or suck the atmosphere out into space!  But you can’t simply say that gravity doesn’t exist.  It’s not enough to say that heavy particles sink down and lighter ones float.  They do of course; just shake of a glass full of liquids of different densities and they will settle out nice and neat, layer by layer.  Or flood the whole Earth-Terrarium with water and I’ll bet the various densities settle out in layers of strata.  But if you say there is no “gravity”, then you have to explain WHY everything settles.

Because…that’s the problem…everything does SETTLE!  Everything falls DOWN, in the same direction!  Some force is there.  Something directs all of these particles to settle in the same direction.

Where does this force emanate from?  Who knows?  Maybe there’s a gravity generator below the Earth plane.  Maybe everything is universally affected by this force.  In other words, maybe the whole universe is right side up, including the Earth-Terrarium, God’s throne and whatever is outside of that.  In fact you could keep most of the main street gravity model in tact.  All you would have to do is change the model from a ball to a plane and most of the problems disappear.  A non-moving Earth, set firmly on pillars.  If there is no inertia to deal with, then a gravity field, somewhere below, compelling all particles to drift towards it at a speed and force relative to it’s density and temperature is comfortably plausible.

Let’s imagine God turned the whole Earth-Terrarium upside down.  Would the particles still settle to the bottom (which is now at the top).  In otherwords would they settle ‘upwards’?  Or would they settle ‘downward’ towards the dome (which is now at the bottom).  That’s an important question.  Because if they settle towards the new bottom, there must be something OUTSIDE the dome directing the direction of settling.  If the particles settle upwards so that they remain on the previous bottom , then there must be something INSIDE the dome dictating the directionality of the settling.  SOMETHING must determine the DIRECTION of settling.  Even if this direction was randomly selected from an infinite number of possible directions; at least one direction was choosen.

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