What is the dome made of?

cool pic guy looking out of the domeThis is what I call the ‘dome problem’.  To use a biblical term, ‘the firmament’.  I won’t list all the reasons I believe act as evidence that there IS a dome in this post…I’ll do that later.  Suffice to say that IF there is a dome, it must be constructed of something right?  SOMETHING is there.  It’s solid and impassable I’m sure.

What do we know about this substance?  Well, for one thing it can support it’s own weight even though the structure of the dome probably spans a distance of 21,000 miles across.  This feat might not seem so spectacular if you realize that a sphere is one of the strongest shapes known.  If I were a supreme being constructing a big terrarium to rest my feet upon, I would take the easy way out and just make it completely round.  Then I would know it was structurally reliable and I could just fill it with whatever I wanted to put in it.  If it’s true that the Russians and the Americans shot nuclear weapons at the dome for years trying to break through but were unsuccessful; we know it can withstand amazing forces!  So it has to be super tough.  Or maybe it can simply absorb energy somehow.  Or maybe it’s a solid substance that emits a magnetic field that repels everything energetic.  If a particle accelerator can contain particles that are in the millions of degrees, inside of a magnetic field, surely God can create a dome that can handle a few nuclear weapons.

It makes you wonder about a lot of things.  Maybe the whole reason the global cabal developed the demolecularization particle cannon was to try to punch a hole in the wall.  It just happened to be very useful for dissolving the twin towers in the mean time.  And maybe the advanced races in the center of the Earth have been trying other various things for millennium. 

Some people suggest the dome is made of a type of super-dense glass.  Others suggest is must be a force shield of some sort.  Or a clear steel.  Or a undiscovered element that mortal mean have not discovered yet.  But I suspect something different.

To set the stage, ask yourself one questions; “What’s outside of the dome.”  The Bible suggests water is directly outside of the firmament.  This would be a wise choice from a contamination stand point.  What if the little mortals actually figured out how to break through the dome structure?  Just let the water flood in and wipe everybody out.  This would prevent cross contamination of the environment outside the dome.  God doesn’t want little humans running all around on the floor in the living room!

But…what if we are not talking little gods here?  What if there is no intermediary being that exists between us and God.  What if the Big God created us directly?  When you think of who we are and what our place is in the universe, relative to a Flat Earth, it changes a lot.  But one thing it doesn’t change is the incredible complexity of life!  Our Earth system is so complex it boggles the mind.  It would take a life time just to THINK about it, much less get up and try to figure it out in person.  What if…there is nothing outside of the dome?  What if the only thing that exists outside of the firmament IS God?!  Then we are all formed directly from the creative intelligence of the supreme consciousness.  Therefore the dome could be constructed of pure consciousness!  What would happen to any energetic force that came in contact with the conscious wall?  It would instantly dissolve back into consciousness.  Like dropping a little piece of ice in warm water.

Think about it.



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