How do we KNOW the Earth isn’t spinning?

Main stream science tells use that the sphere Earth is spinning about 1000 miles per hour (and rotating around the sun, etc, etc.) But is there a way we can KNOW whether the Earth is really spinning or not?  Well, actually there is.  And it’s a natural ability that we were all born with.  And it’s so easy a child can do it.  And it works every time.

So I came up with a simple test to demonstrate how easy it is to determine for yourself, without a doubt, whether or not you are spinning.  And when I say “determine” what I mean is “convince” yourself. Because we all know, all day, in real time whether we are spinning or not; we have just agreed to lie to ourselves about the facts because we were told something in school that we never examined with a critical eye.  I call this test The Spin Test.  It’s quite simple and it’s a great way to get your family and friends to re-examine long held beliefs that they take for granted.  Watch the video, try it for yourself and let me know how it goes.

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