If the sun is a giant lightbulb, can we change it?

So,Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 9.21.08 AM the sun is now 32 miles across and about 3200 miles high in the sky.  Suspended on a track somehow.  We haven’t seen or heard this track but various ancient texts say it’s there and the Flat Earth movement determines seasons by the position of the sun on this track.

But the Bible says that Noah lived 950 years and Methuselah lived 969 years; the oldest, recorded, human lifespan in history.  There are several charts to be found on line that meticulously record the slow, gradual reduction in lifespan down to what we have today…about 75 to 85 years on average.

Many people claim that the rays of the sun cause the steady destruction of the replication of our genetic code, which in turn causes aging and eventual death at a relatively young age.  Did God decide to change the rays of the sun so that we didn’t live as long?  Maybe God did this so we wouldn’t be so smart and build towers that could reach to Heaven itself.  Maybe, we just get too powerful with lives that long!  So God simply altered the output of the sun to reduce our age.

But…what if we could change the sun rays?  To something that promotes the longevity of human life.  If the sun really is a giant light bulb in the sky (albeit a very big, powerful and complex one), then we should, in theory be able to go up and adjust the output of the sun.  For that matter, why not change the rotation of the sun while we are at it?  I wouldn’t mind having spring and fall like conditions all year round!

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