Experiment No.001 – Rocket At The Edge

I have labeled this experiment 001 because I think it is very important to attain photographic evidence to refute the main stream lies.  People are very visual and seeing is believing.  If we want to wake up the masses, we need real photographs.  Anyway, in order to get good pictures of the edge of Earth, we need to send a rocket up, with a good camera on it and take some decent pictures.  Because private rocket technology is expensive and difficult we want to get as close the dome as we can before we send this rocket up.  If we set up the rocket on an boat, we can take it right up the Antarctic ice wall and launch from the boat.  This is very achievable and we won’t get shot by the military trying to climb up the ice sheet or anything.  By getting as close to the wall as we can, and assuming the outer ice ring is about 800 miles across, we only need to get the rocket 69 miles high to get a good, clear photo of the edge!  Let’s get to work.