How do we KNOW the Earth isn’t spinning?

Main stream science tells use that the sphere Earth is spinning about 1000 miles per hour (and rotating around the sun, etc, etc.) But is there a way we can KNOW whether the Earth is really spinning or not?  Well, actually there is.  And it’s a natural ability that we were all born with.  And it’s so easy a child can do it.  And it works every time.

So I came up with a simple test to demonstrate how easy it is to determine for yourself, without a doubt, whether or not you are spinning.  And when I say “determine” what I mean is “convince” yourself. Because we all know, all day, in real time whether we are spinning or not; we have just agreed to lie to ourselves about the facts because we were told something in school that we never examined with a critical eye.  I call this test The Spin Test.  It’s quite simple and it’s a great way to get your family and friends to re-examine long held beliefs that they take for granted.  Watch the video, try it for yourself and let me know how it goes.

Proofs Of A Dome

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 1.42.13 PMWhy do I think there is a dome?  I’ve never seen the edge, so I’m not positive there is a dome. But I think the following proofs support the existence of a dome.

1. The Weather

It seems like the weather patterns go around and around the edge of the Earth.  All the models I have seen show this.  If there wasn’t a dome, why would the weather be so consistent and well contained?  You could make an arguement that the presence of the vast antarctic ice sheet and freezing temperature is produces acts as a weather barrier; keeping our air and weather localized.  But knowing the way wind ‘whips’ I find it hard to believe that this could keep the weather localized.  Ok, so add the effects of the sun…which keep thermal normals consistance.  Pulling warm air in and up and recirculation it.  That could be a contributing factor.  But still I doubt that these effects alone or together would be enough.  Plus, if we were constantly receiving new air from across the infinate plan, then why would the powers be sparying so much stuff in the air?  Wouldn’t it just get swept away along the vast ice plan?  I think so.

2. The Stars

If you look at time lapsed photography of the stars, they show a perfect circular pattern.  This has to indicate that the stars above us are centralized above us.  If not, we wouldn’t have a North Star.  If there are lots of pockets of continents, surrounded by water, dotted across a vast ice sheet then we must share the same night sky.  If the center of the circling stars is above US; then the other pockets are only be seeing streaks of stars crossing their night sky, moving in a more-or-less straight lines with a bit of a curve to them.  Because they would be so far out on the edge of our night sky.   This would make the visual paradimes of the other pockets radically different than ours.

3. The military

If the military is only trying to stop us from crossing over to the next continental ‘pond’, why bother?  Surely the journey would kill almost everybody.  And of the small percentage of people who did make it to the next pond, only a small percent of them would be dumb enough to come back.  I think they miltary force present on the outer edge is designed to keep anyone from seeing the dome, or the edge.





How high would a man have to be to see the edge?

distance and heightI recently saw a jeranism video entitled “$100,00 Flat Earth Challenge Response to Alien Fossil Project”, where he was arguing with some guy that called him a shill or something.  But the facinating part of the video is the calculation of how far a man can see based on his altitude.  I didn’t know this formula existed.  But now that I do I can deduce some interesting results.  So the formula is pretty simple: (7) (Heigh in feet) = √Result/4.  This yields your distance in miles that you would be able to see given a certain height.  If you are working the formula for yourself, be sure to divide the “result” by 4 before you square root it.

The example in the video shows a man in an airplane at 35,000 feet.  Plugging that into the formula and working it out tells us that this man, at this height, can see a distance of 247.48 miles.

The question is…How high would you have to be to see the edge of the Flat Earth?  Let’s assume the Earth has a diameter of 20,699 miles.  See my post How Big Is The Earth? for details on how I derived that number.  If a man stands in the center of the Earth (read North Pole), any edge lies 10,350 miles from him.  Starting with this number as the known distance that can be seen, applying a bit of algebra we derive a height needed of 11,593 miles!  So the man in the center would have to be 11,593 miles high to see any edge!  And if that man, at that height, were to look down, he could see the entire Flat Earth at one time.

Hmmm, but there is a problem with that.  If the dome is a perfect sphere and we assume the plane lies roughly in the center of the sphere; you would hit the ceiling of the dome at 10,350 miles!  That means that it is physically impossible to take a picture of the entire Earth plane from inside the dome.  BUT…you could see a huge portion of the outer edge if you achieved an altitude anywhere over 10,000 miles AND were some distance away from the center of the plane in any direction.

I feel like we are getting somewhere.  Let’s take this one step further.  Let’s suppose we want to send up a private rocket with cameras on it and bring back photographic evidence of the edge of the Earth plane.  We are going to want to get as close to the edge as we can so the altitude we have to achieve to get an actual picture of the edge is as low as possible.  To my knowledge, only recently did a private person shoot a rocket up and attain an altitude of 74 miles or so.  If we go with the presumed width of 800 miles for the outer ice ring we can work the formula again.  If we are trying to see the outer ring of the Earth plane, over a distance of 800 miles, we only need to achieve a height of 69 miles!  We got it!!!  We just need to take a boat as close to the Antarctic ice sheet as possible and shot up the same sized rocket that the rocket man did and we got proof!


Who’s pulling the strings?

man pulling stringsI’m having a little problem with asteroids.  If the moon is a self luminous bulb of some sort, and it’s inside the dome, then all those ginormous craters on the surface of the moon are just an illusion.  A picture painted on the surface, or a projection on the front face.  But why?  Why would whoever built/runs the Earth Terrarium go through the trouble to paint pictures of craters on the moon?  So this entity could occasionally throw a real bolder down to the surface and wipe out life on a mass scale from time to time, and the survivors not get suspiscious that God just threw down a spec of dirt at high velocity for the fun of it?

That would imply that the creator KNEW that we would need a deception to keep us occupied.  But if God is so powerful, and we are so weak, then why does God even worry about what we think?  If I set up an ant farm for my kids, I don’t plan an elaborate hoax to make the ants think that something is going on besides their lifetime captivity in an artificial environment.  Why would I?  I have no fear of the ants escaping and taking over my household.

Does this suggest that God is not as powerful as we think?  Or maybe we ARE more powerful than we think.  Maybe all it takes to get out of here is to think that we can.

And what if there is an intermediary being.  Some sort of advanced race, like Sentinels, that builds worlds and fills them with life and watches them develop over millions of years to learn about growth.  But this suggests great limitations on these beings.   Yes, they could build a big cage and they could make it very comfortable for us.  But could a being that sets it’s sights on maintaining an artificial environment for a lesser life form really bridge the next leap to being able to create the unbelievable complexity of human genetics, the interconnectedness of all life on Earth and the near-infinite realm of sub-atomic activity?  Or maybe the food chain of powerful beings just goes up and up forever.  Cats play with mice before they eat them.  Humans keep pets for amusement and other reasons.  Maybe the guys above us just ‘keep’ us because they feel like that’s the thing to do.  And the guys above them keeps them, etc. ad infinitum until you get to the universal consciousness.

You can’t do away with gravity!

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 9.33.14 PM

Ok, let’s discuss this gravity thing.  I understand that the standard model of gravity does NOT work!  How can gravity be strong enough to hold billions of gallons of water tightly to the surface of a spinning, speeding bullet in a vacuum but doesn’t pull the moon directly down on top of us or suck the atmosphere out into space!  But you can’t simply say that gravity doesn’t exist.  It’s not enough to say that heavy particles sink down and lighter ones float.  They do of course; just shake of a glass full of liquids of different densities and they will settle out nice and neat, layer by layer.  Or flood the whole Earth-Terrarium with water and I’ll bet the various densities settle out in layers of strata.  But if you say there is no “gravity”, then you have to explain WHY everything settles.

Because…that’s the problem…everything does SETTLE!  Everything falls DOWN, in the same direction!  Some force is there.  Something directs all of these particles to settle in the same direction.

Where does this force emanate from?  Who knows?  Maybe there’s a gravity generator below the Earth plane.  Maybe everything is universally affected by this force.  In other words, maybe the whole universe is right side up, including the Earth-Terrarium, God’s throne and whatever is outside of that.  In fact you could keep most of the main street gravity model in tact.  All you would have to do is change the model from a ball to a plane and most of the problems disappear.  A non-moving Earth, set firmly on pillars.  If there is no inertia to deal with, then a gravity field, somewhere below, compelling all particles to drift towards it at a speed and force relative to it’s density and temperature is comfortably plausible.

Let’s imagine God turned the whole Earth-Terrarium upside down.  Would the particles still settle to the bottom (which is now at the top).  In otherwords would they settle ‘upwards’?  Or would they settle ‘downward’ towards the dome (which is now at the bottom).  That’s an important question.  Because if they settle towards the new bottom, there must be something OUTSIDE the dome directing the direction of settling.  If the particles settle upwards so that they remain on the previous bottom , then there must be something INSIDE the dome dictating the directionality of the settling.  SOMETHING must determine the DIRECTION of settling.  Even if this direction was randomly selected from an infinite number of possible directions; at least one direction was choosen.

What is the dome made of?

cool pic guy looking out of the domeThis is what I call the ‘dome problem’.  To use a biblical term, ‘the firmament’.  I won’t list all the reasons I believe act as evidence that there IS a dome in this post…I’ll do that later.  Suffice to say that IF there is a dome, it must be constructed of something right?  SOMETHING is there.  It’s solid and impassable I’m sure.

What do we know about this substance?  Well, for one thing it can support it’s own weight even though the structure of the dome probably spans a distance of 21,000 miles across.  This feat might not seem so spectacular if you realize that a sphere is one of the strongest shapes known.  If I were a supreme being constructing a big terrarium to rest my feet upon, I would take the easy way out and just make it completely round.  Then I would know it was structurally reliable and I could just fill it with whatever I wanted to put in it.  If it’s true that the Russians and the Americans shot nuclear weapons at the dome for years trying to break through but were unsuccessful; we know it can withstand amazing forces!  So it has to be super tough.  Or maybe it can simply absorb energy somehow.  Or maybe it’s a solid substance that emits a magnetic field that repels everything energetic.  If a particle accelerator can contain particles that are in the millions of degrees, inside of a magnetic field, surely God can create a dome that can handle a few nuclear weapons.

It makes you wonder about a lot of things.  Maybe the whole reason the global cabal developed the demolecularization particle cannon was to try to punch a hole in the wall.  It just happened to be very useful for dissolving the twin towers in the mean time.  And maybe the advanced races in the center of the Earth have been trying other various things for millennium. 

Some people suggest the dome is made of a type of super-dense glass.  Others suggest is must be a force shield of some sort.  Or a clear steel.  Or a undiscovered element that mortal mean have not discovered yet.  But I suspect something different.

To set the stage, ask yourself one questions; “What’s outside of the dome.”  The Bible suggests water is directly outside of the firmament.  This would be a wise choice from a contamination stand point.  What if the little mortals actually figured out how to break through the dome structure?  Just let the water flood in and wipe everybody out.  This would prevent cross contamination of the environment outside the dome.  God doesn’t want little humans running all around on the floor in the living room!

But…what if we are not talking little gods here?  What if there is no intermediary being that exists between us and God.  What if the Big God created us directly?  When you think of who we are and what our place is in the universe, relative to a Flat Earth, it changes a lot.  But one thing it doesn’t change is the incredible complexity of life!  Our Earth system is so complex it boggles the mind.  It would take a life time just to THINK about it, much less get up and try to figure it out in person.  What if…there is nothing outside of the dome?  What if the only thing that exists outside of the firmament IS God?!  Then we are all formed directly from the creative intelligence of the supreme consciousness.  Therefore the dome could be constructed of pure consciousness!  What would happen to any energetic force that came in contact with the conscious wall?  It would instantly dissolve back into consciousness.  Like dropping a little piece of ice in warm water.

Think about it.



If the sun is a giant lightbulb, can we change it?

So,Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 9.21.08 AM the sun is now 32 miles across and about 3200 miles high in the sky.  Suspended on a track somehow.  We haven’t seen or heard this track but various ancient texts say it’s there and the Flat Earth movement determines seasons by the position of the sun on this track.

But the Bible says that Noah lived 950 years and Methuselah lived 969 years; the oldest, recorded, human lifespan in history.  There are several charts to be found on line that meticulously record the slow, gradual reduction in lifespan down to what we have today…about 75 to 85 years on average.

Many people claim that the rays of the sun cause the steady destruction of the replication of our genetic code, which in turn causes aging and eventual death at a relatively young age.  Did God decide to change the rays of the sun so that we didn’t live as long?  Maybe God did this so we wouldn’t be so smart and build towers that could reach to Heaven itself.  Maybe, we just get too powerful with lives that long!  So God simply altered the output of the sun to reduce our age.

But…what if we could change the sun rays?  To something that promotes the longevity of human life.  If the sun really is a giant light bulb in the sky (albeit a very big, powerful and complex one), then we should, in theory be able to go up and adjust the output of the sun.  For that matter, why not change the rotation of the sun while we are at it?  I wouldn’t mind having spring and fall like conditions all year round!

How big is the Earth?


How big is the Earth?

Hi everybody, this is Larry and this is my first post EVER!  I'm a new convert to the flat Earth thing.  I accept that the Earth must be flat.  I am already reevaluating everything I have learned concerning facts and figures etc., as related to a ball Earth.  I now take in new data and apply it to a flat Earth concept of the world.  I now laugh in my head every time I see a dipiction of the globe or watch a movie about outer space adventures and all that stuff.  But also, I am simply amazed at how often the ball Earth images are shown to us in an average day.  They are EVERYWHERE!  

I have watched countless hours of video and  listened to hours of interviews by Eric Dubay and Mark Sargent and a bunch of others.  

But I've having a problem with an issue.  How big is the Earth?

The Standard Model:          If we accept the measurement of the standard Earth model, which uses a circumference of 24,901 miles in circumference at the equator (and a little less from pole to pole due to the misshapen 'oblate spheroid').  And a surface area of 196 million square miles.  Ok, that sounds fine…if the Earth is a sphere.   But, if we are now assuming the Earth is a plane, how do we determine the dimensions of that plane?

Part of the Standard Model:         If we take a cross section slice of the center of our 24,901  mile planet and measure it's diameter?  That equals 7,917.5 miles across.  The surface area of this cross section slice is only about 49.2 million square miles…one forth of the standard model!  I don't think this answer is going to work; it's just too small.

Ice Ring Model:         For this model, we are going to start with a circle.  Several people in the past have tried to sale around Antartica and have logged distances in excess of 60,000 miles!  Additionally, we know that explorers have penetrated Antactica at least 800 miles.  So lets see what happens if we use the 60,000 miles as our initial starting circumference.  This gives us a starting diameter of 19,099 miles.  Then we widen it by 800 miles on each end.  That yields a total diameter of  20,699 miles, a circumference of 65,028 miles, and a surface area of 336.5 million square miles.  That would be 1.7 times the land area of the standard model, even though the ice ring itself takes up 15% of this total area.  If we pretended this massive area of ice ring wasn't really there, the total area inside the 60,000 mile circumference would still be 286.5 million square miles!  A massive area that is close to a third larger than the standard model.

Conclusion:          I think the best way to determine the actual size of the Flat Earth is to circle Antarctica, in full, with modern equipment.  Then we still need to walk in a straight line until we touch the firmament to know the size of the ice ring (after dealing with that pesky military blockade).  Until we get those results, I'm just going to assume the circumference of Earth is roughly 65,000 miles and almost 21,000 miles across!

Please let me know if you detect errors in my math or reasoning.